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Complete Automotive Technology

Are you interested in a career that lets you do the work that really excites you? Do you want to enter a growing, rewarding career field? Are you ready to take the first steps in the right direction?

Your brighter future as an automotive technician in Ohio begins at Ohio Technical College. You don’t have to settle for simple automotive mechanic training; OTC’s specialized automotive technician school can help you stand out from the crowd.

At OTC, we’re more than just an automotive mechanic school – we offer our students a comprehensive education experience that can help them become versatile, valuable employees.

For intense, relevant hands-on training, choose our ASE/NATEF-certified automotive technician school. Over the course of 72 weeks, you can learn more about:

  • Engine performance and repair
  • Automatic transmission and transaxle
  • Manual drive train and axles
  • Suspension and steering systems
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Alternative fuel systems – hybrids, bio-diesel, ethanol, electric-powered
  • Street performance and racing

If you’re ready to explore your possibilities for the future and become an automotive technician in Ohio, choose OTC’s Associate of Applied Science degree.

Make the career you’ve always wanted a reality. Contact us today to learn how to get started at our trade school in Cleveland.


Looking to work on the most advanced cars on the road today?

You need the BMW FAST Track program at Ohio Technical College.

This ASE/NATEF-certified BMW automotive training program not only provides you with intensive training on standard and automatic transmissions, computer diagnostics, and fuel injection, but it also prepares you for the technological advancements BMW utilizes and a chance to set a track record with BMW.

The FAST Track program not only provides for several BMW certifications, but it also allows a chance for advancement into the BMW ranks and experience working with some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the field. Completion of this program does not guarantee acceptance into STEP, but can provide the necessary preparation to be successful in BMW and meet your career objectives.

Our ASE/NATEF-certified, Automotive Technology with BMW FAST Track program provides intense hands-on training in:

  • Engine performance and repair
  • Automatic transmission and transaxle
  • Manual drive train and axles
  • Suspension and steering systems
  • Electrical and electronic systems
  • BMW technical systems
  • BMW body and engine electrical systems
  • BMW chassis systems

To increase your value as an automotive technician, utilize OTC's specialized automotive training programs today.

Associate of Applied Science - Automotive Technology Degree Program

This Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree adds the academic component to the Complete Automotive Technology program, giving well-rounded technicians the background needed for advancement into management.

This comprehensive automotive training program is geared toward creating the "complete" technician in automotive, high performance and alternative fuel technologies. The program covers fuel systems, chassis and drive trains, and students learn the many facets of unit relationships on live automobiles, live components and a wide variety of visual training aids. Every phase in this training program is touched by some form of electrical or electronics and half of the time is devoted to electronics exclusively.

The base automotive course then turns toward High Performance and Racing Technology with performance braking, ignition and suspension systems. The program includes turbo charging, supercharging and nitrous.

Students complete this enhanced program with an eye on the future. The popularity of hybrid, bio-diesel and other alternative fuel vehicles is on the rise and we want to make our students some of the most highly sought-after technicians in the workplace. Emphasis is on electric hybrid, compressed natural gas, propane, methanol, ethanol and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

Become more valuable in the workplace by attaining your degree in just 18 short months.

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