The UTI Advantage: We’re the Industry’s Choice


UTI offers the ultimate technician training program and has for nearly 50 years. Intensely hands-on. You’ll work on the latest models of the world’s hottest brands. It’s real world experience.

At UTI our focus is giving you hands-on training in state-of-the-industry classrooms—outfitted by top manufacturers! You’ll tackle diagnostic systems, brakes, fuel & ignitions systems, and more on domestic and foreign vehicles. Power & Performance is part of our core program to deliver special training in engine/vehicle modification. Graduates will be prepared to test for ASE Certification. Then further your training with:


UTI’s Automotive Training program is 51 weeks of intense training so you’re career-ready sooner. Sessions start every 6 weeks. Flexible class schedule. Work while in school—tap into our career assistance early!



If you’ve ever dreamed about a career in NASCAR, this is your starting line. In UTI's 15-week NASCAR elective, you’ll learn the knowledge, speed and precision NASCAR demands from every technician.

As a graduate of NASCAR Tech, you'll be on the inside track to various entry-level positions in motor sports and a variety of other racing careers. No matter how you use it, the NASCAR program is a great opportunity for you to train for a successful future in the automotive or motor sports industries.

Ford ®FACT


The 15-week Ford Accelerated Credential Training (FACT) elective gives you top-notch training on Ford vehicles while you become familiar with the equipment and procedures that are used in a Ford or Lincoln service departments around the nation.

Successful grads earn:

  • 11 Ford STST Classroom Certifications
  • 80 Required Web Certifications
  • Ford Quick Lane Service Technician Training
  • These skills & credentials that are highly valued by Ford and Lincoln dealerships.

Nissan ®NATT


The 9-week Nissan NATT (Nissan Automotive Technician Training) elective gives you extensive opportunities for hands-on experience with a variety of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, systems and components. In NATT, you’ll receive the same level of training it takes dealership technicians years to complete.

Successful grads earn:

  • Nissan Technician Certification credits
  • The same level of training it takes dealership technicians years to complete.

Toyota ®TPAT


UTI's exclusive Toyota Professional Automotive Training (TPAT) is a 12 week course that features focused training on Toyota, Scion and Lexus procedures, equipment and vehicles, including the Toyota Prius with its hybrid drive system. TPAT is part of Toyota Motor Sales, Technician Training & Education network (T-TEN) and features training from the University of Toyota.

Graduates earn:

  • Graduates earn 9 Toyota and 5 Lexus course credits leading to a Toyota Certified Technician status upon completion of all program requirements.
  • TPAT students are Toyota Maintenance Certified. They are also trained in Toyota Express Maintenance Procedures.
  • TPAT students are trained to current Toyota standards by Toyota Factory Trained and certified instructors.

BMW ®FastTrack


In the 12-week BMW FastTrack elective, you’ll learn what it takes to keep these automobiles in pristine driving condition using the same operations and procedures found in BMW dealerships and service centers across the country. Its specialized hands-on knowledge that will help prepare you for the real world.

Add this 12-week elective course to the Core Automotive Technology Program and you’ll learn to maintain, diagnose and repair BMW precision driving machines.

Successful grads earn:

  • Six Factory Training Credentials
  • Qualified candidates can earn BMW Level 3 Technician status
  • The skills and experience valued by BMW dealerships and independent shops



The 24-week BMW Service Technician Education Program (STEP) will give you in-depth training with some of the world's most advanced automotive technology. As a BMW STEP graduate, you’ll have all the qualifications required to start a career as a Level 1 Technician, placing you years ahead of other BMW entry-level technicians.

STEP training is exclusive training. You must apply, meet certain qualifications, be interviewed, then be accepted to become one of the over 150 students annually chosen for the program. And once selected, tuition is paid by BMW of North America and the hiring dealers.

Volvo ®SAFE


In the 16-week Volvo Service Automotive Factory Education (SAFE) program you’ll get the training and qualifications to begin a technician career with one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. And as a graduate of the program, you'll have the enviable position of entering a retailer three to eight years ahead of other entry-level technicians and have a major jumpstart to earning your Master Volvo Technician status.

SAFE training is exclusive training. You must apply, meet certain qualifications, be interviewed, and then be accepted to become one of the Volvo elite. And once selected, tuition is paid for by Volvo Cars of North America or participating dealerships in accordance with established terms of employment.

Honda ®PACT


In the 12-week Honda Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT) program you’ll learn to maintain, diagnose and repair one of the world’s most popular brands of automobiles.

Successful grads:

  • Have the opportunity to earn 11 valuable Honda certifications
  • Learn the skills and experience valued by Honda dealerships and independent shops

These programs are available for active students who meet the pre-requisite requirements.

Porsche ®PTAP


The 23-week Porsche Technology Apprenticeship Program (PTAP) is your path to becoming a qualified technician for Porsche dealerships across the United States. This exciting Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) program will help you accelerate your career and allow you to learn in just over 6 months what it takes other technicians in the field two to eight years to obtain.

Students from every campus are eligible to be accepted into PTAP. You must apply, meet certain qualifications, be interviewed, and then be accepted to become a PTAP student. Once selected, tuition is paid by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. and the hiring Porsche dealer.

Course Content

The PTAP program's curriculum is developed by Porsche, with training heavily weighted in electronics and diagnostics. Training is conducted on new Porsche models including the Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman and Panamera. Plus, PTAP includes the Porsche "Ride & Drive" Event; one full day is dedicated to driving a variety of Porsche cars to experience their capabilities first-hand!



The 10-week MINI Service Technician Education Program (MINI STEP) will give you hands-on training on one of the most recognizable and popular automobiles in the world. This Manufacturer Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) program will allow you to enter your career as a Level 1 Certified Technician.

MINI STEP training is a highly selective program. You must apply, meet certain qualifications, be interviewed, and then be accepted to become one of the MINI STEP elite. And once selected, tuition is paid by MINI and the hiring MINI dealerships.

Mercedes-Benz ELITE ®START


If you have a passion for Mercedes-Benz then you know that they produce some of the finest vehicles in the world. UTI's 12-week Mercedes-Benz ELITE START elective will give you the skills to diagnose and repair some of the brand’s most advanced automobiles.

Successful grads earn:

  • Up to 15 Mercedes-Benz Credentials
  • The skills & experience that are highly valued by Mercedes-Benz dealerships.



Mercedes-Benz ELITE ADVANCED is only available at UTI. This 24-week training opportunity offers focused training and advanced factory credentials covering Mercedes-Benz technologies, equipment and procedures. Students train at the company's new MBUSA Learning & Performance Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mercedes-Benz ELITE ADVANCED training is only available to students who qualify. To be considered for this exclusive program, you must meet certain qualifications and be interviewed. Successful candidates are selected by the manufacturer. If chosen, your tuition is paid by Mercedes-Benz USA in return for an employment commitment after graduation.